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Nautical Almanac, Pub. 229 Tables, and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Simple Setup and Planning Functions. Internal Calculations to Find your Fix.


The Nautical Almanac Lunar Tables and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Step Up to the Next Generation of  Celestial Navigation

Good Through 2059

No need to buy Nautical Almanacs every year.  Our products use a JPL ephemeris that includes years 1961 thru 2059.  Free updates when leap seconds are added.

Paper Almanac Pages

Easily print Nautical Almanac pages directly to a wireless printer or export to a PDF file to print later.  Make paper copies for backup on a passage!

Full Sight Reduction

See all of the steps to learn how to do it yourself manually, or have your reductions performed automatically and view your fix.

Animated StarMaps

View the positions of the navigational objects at your DR position and animate their movement over the course of the day.

Calculated Event Times

Easily compute the rise, set, meridian and twilight times for the Sun, Moon and planets. All times based on the selected date and your current DR position.

Predicted Altitudes

Accurate predicted altitudes and azimuth of all bodies to preset your sextant and help you find the object in the sky.