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EZ Celestial LLC, Glendale, Az. making celestial navigation easy since 2011


Nautical Almanac, Pub. 229 Tables, and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Simple Setup and Planning Functions. Internal Calculations to Find your Fix.


The Nautical Almanac Lunar Tables and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Traditional Manual-Style Celestial Navigation with ezAlmanac

Full Details In-App Help Pages

The Expert Function

Enter your observation data and all of the almanac data to determine GHA and Dec are accumulated for you.  Your Hs is also corrected to the final Ho value.  Tap any of the almanac values to show them highlighted on the Almanac page.

Nautical Almanac Pages

All data formatted exactly as you would find it in the official Nautical Almanac.  Besides highlighting from the Expert function, you can also highlight by dragging your finger on the page when you want to find your data manually.

All 6 Volumes of Pub 229

ezAlmanac performs sight reductions using the Pub 229 tables.  All 6 volumes along with their interpolation tables are accurately reproduced. The instructions for use of Pub 229, reprinted from the original documents, is included with the app for you Pub 249 users.

Full Sight Reductions

With the press of a button, the sight data from the expert function is reduced with Pub 229 and graphed for you.  Functions are provided to evaluate your best sights and exclude or delete the others.  Drag your DR position on the plot to refine it.

View On a Map

From the sight reduction screen a press of a button will display the lines of position for the sight reduction on a map.  You can even export your sight data to a text file, and/or produce KML to view your sight reduction on Google Earth.

  1. Export Pages. Print individual pages or whole sections of the Nautical Almanac to a wireless printer or PDF file.

  2. Other Functions. Animated star maps, calculate rise and set times, perform compass checks, calculate great circle or rhumb line routes and distances, determine latitude and azimuth from a Polaris sight, and MORE.