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Nautical Almanac, Pub. 229 Tables, and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Simple Setup and Planning Functions. Internal Calculations to Find your Fix.


The Nautical Almanac Lunar Tables and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Traditional Manual-Style Lunars with ezLunars

Generates All Lunar Distance Tables

  1. -Pre-Computed Lunar Distances for Years 1961 - 2059 with 6 Objects Per Day at 3-Hour Intervals.

  2. -Full Set of Proportional Logarithm Tables.  Log Value for Each Second Over 3-hour Interval.

  3. -Proportional Log Second Difference Table.

  4. -Moon’s Augmented Semidiameter Table.

  5. -Process Lunars as You Would Have When Last Published in the Nautical Almanac (1906).

  6. -Print to Wireless Printer of Save to a PDF File.

Learn By Using the Expert Functions

  1. -Full Lunar Calculations Showing All Table Values.

  2. -Touch a Value to Highlight it In the Correct Page.

  3. -Graph your Observations and Adjust a “Best Fit Line” to Average and Find Value at Specific Time.

  4. -Calculate Universal Time and Clock Error.

Other Features

  1. -Full Documentation of How To Do Lunars.

  2. -Animated Star Map, Shoot Function, and More!