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EZ Celestial LLC, Glendale, Az. making celestial navigation easy since 2011


Nautical Almanac, Pub. 229 Tables, and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Simple Setup and Planning Functions. Internal Calculations to Find your Fix.


The Nautical Almanac Lunar Tables and an Expert to Help You Use Them.


Quick and Easy Celestial Navigation with ezSights

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Fast and Easy Setup

Start a new session and with a few clicks you can set your DR position, the current date, and sync your device time with the atomic clock for the most accurate observation times. From another screen check the Sun meridian or twilight times.

Animated Star Map

From the Star Map screen just touch up to 3 navigational objects to select them for observations.  The selected objects will be added to the main function screen for easy access when you are ready to make your observations.

Set Your Sextant and Shoot

The observation screen shows the objects current estimated Hs to preset your sextant to, and even guides you to the objects azimuth.  Find it with your sextant, make the final adjustments, then touch the screen to stop the clock and mark the time.

Intercept Method

All your observations can be evaluated against the arch of their expected altitudes.  Pick your best and exclude or delete the others.  Now use the Intercept Method screen to determine your position with a press of a single button!

Best Fix Method

We also invented a method of our own we call the “Best Fit“ Method.  After selecting your best observations, The Best Fit Method screen will determine the position which minimizes your average error over all observations.  It works great!

  1. Universal App. Use with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

  2. Other Features. Save up to 7 sessions and restore them to review later, supports running fixes, view reduction data for all sights, Sun and Moon rise/set/twilights, view fixes for Active and 7 Saved sessions on a map, and MORE.