The Nautical Almanac Made Easy


ezAlmanac is a digital multi-year nautical almanac and HO-229 sight reduction tables for use in celestial navigation.  Use it the same way you would use a paper almanac and HO-229, or use the “Expert” tab to do the work for you!


    Generates daily Nautical Almanac data from 1961 to 2059. Displays all data in the same format as the published Nautical Almanac.

    Generates all pages and interpolation tables for HO-229              "Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation".  Data displayed as it would appear in HO-229

    Performs all astronomical calculations using NOVAS 3.1 software developed by the US Naval Observatory**.

    Includes Almanac Increment and Correction Tables,  allowing you all the tables needed to generate a GHA and Declination value within the app.

    Includes Altitude Correction Tables, allowing you to generate an Ho value for an observation made with a sextant.

    Animated star map shows current position of all navigational objects.

    “Shoot” function to allow accurate time logging and predicted altitude and azimuth to preset sextant before making observation.

   “Expert” tab performs full sight reduction and graphing of the almanac data, and can take you to the Almanac and HO-229 pages with the values used highlighted.

    Generated LOPs can be displayed on a map.

    Calculates Rise and Set event times as well as Polaris latitude and Azimuth calculations

    Supports 4 different methods for performing compass checks.

    Supports function to calculate rhumb line or great circle tracks and display them on a map.

    Supports running fixes.

    Saves up to 100 previous observations. 

    Integration with iOS® location services to automatically set your DR position from the device.

    Supports both standard (US) and metric units for temperature, barometric pressure and height of eye values.

    Supports zoom and pan on all almanac and HO-229 pages and all map displays.

    Supports export of sight data to a text file.

    Supports export of sight data to a KML file to display sight reduction on Google Earth

    Supports exporting Almanac and HO-299 pages to a PDF file or print directly to a wireless printer.

** The United States Naval Observatory has not reviewed this software or this software’s implementation of NOVAS. Neither the Department of the Navy or any other Department of Defense (DoD) component has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product.http://www.usno.navy.mil/USNO/astronomical-applications/software-products/novas

ezAlmanac 1980’s

Our base version of ezAlmanac is offered as a low cost resource to use for celestial navigation training.  This version provides immediate access to the Years 1980-1989, the supporting Nautical Almanac tables, and all HO-229 Sight Reduction tables.  The 1980’s are used in celestial navigation training programs including USCG and US Navy.  The year 1973 is also provided for the sight reduction example from the included HO-229 introduction which is pre-loaded.  The paper versions of just the 1981 Nautical Almanac and Volume 2 of HO-229 (required for the class) are more than $60 from Amazon!

In-App purchases can be used to add additional almanac years, or purchase a full unlock to upgrade it to the equivalent of ezAlmanac Pro.  Customers who purchased ezAlmanac prior to the availability of ezAlmanac Pro can use the “Restore Purchases” button in the in-app purchase screen to get full access as before.

ezAlmanac Pro

We also offer ezAlmanac Pro.  This is the exact same application but is fully unlocked covering the years 1961 thru 2059.  Both versions include an “Export” function that allows you to export Nautical Almanac tables to a PDF file or print directly to a wireless printer.  No need to purchase a paper Nautical Almanac for backup, just print the pages you need for backup before you head to sea.

While the base version of ezAlmanac offers a lower entry price to benefit students, the PRO version assures that you will never need to purchase another Nautical Almanac again!