Celestial Navigation Made Easy


With ezSights and a sextant, you’ll be accurately locating your position using the navigational bodies on your first try!


ezSights is a universal application for the iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®



▪    Internally calculated Nautical Almanac values, valid through 2060.

▪    Performs all astronomical calculations using NOVAS 3.1 software developed by the US Naval Observatory**.

▪    Supports all navigational bodies currently referenced in the Nautical Almanac.

▪    Computes rise and set times for the sun and moon.

▪    Computes moon phase and visible disk.

▪    Animated star map to aid in locating and identifying navigational bodies.

▪    Display of full day or twilight altitude profiles for navigational bodies.

▪    Saves current data and up to 7 previous fixes.  Each session can have up to 25 observations on up to 3 navigational bodies.

▪    Supports running fixes.

▪    Two different methods for determining a fix from observations made.

▪    Integration with iOS® Maps application to display saved fixes.  Also supports setting the assumed position by dropping a pin on the map.

▪    Integration with iOS® location services to automatically obtain position and magnetic variance.

▪    Integration with iOS® compass for direction-up display of the star map and to show azimuth of objects currently being observed.

▪    Integration with iOS® data network for setting UTC time from network time using NTP servers.

** The United States Naval Observatory has not reviewed this software or this software’s implementation of NOVAS. Neither the Department of the Navy or any other Department of Defense (DoD) component has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product.